Everfund joins Netlify's Jamstack Innovation Fund

Hero Image for Everfund joins Netlify's Jamstack Innovation Fund

Empowering developers to enable nonprofits on the Jamstack

At Everfund, we’re lowing the bar for developers to enable nonprofits and help them adapt to digitisation. We’re the missing component of the decoupled and modern web for nonprofits, the same industry 9% of Jamstack developers work with.

The Jamstack Innovation Fund brings Everfund integration and exposure to the massive and growing audience of professional web developers who work with nonprofits today. The help means that Everfund can enable more developers to join the side of social impact and good causes to transform the nonprofit industry with the benefits of modern web standards.

It’s the first time that the large number of nonprofit Jamstack devs have a whole platform with full developer control, and something that actually works behind the scenes for the nonprofit end users.

This is a defining moment for nonprofits on the Jamstack, in the same way platforms like Swell and Medusa are enabling ecommerce for the modern web, and there’s no better company to partner with than Netlify to become the go-to nonprofit tool for Jamstack developers

A new kind of fundraising platform, with developers in mind

The challenges of nonprofits in the last decade were simpler. Gaining donations, supporter engagement, and managing operations were basically solved by a mixture of platforms like Blackbaud, GoFundMe and Classy and you did things manually like loose cash collection and human data entry to get by.

But today, current fundraising practises aren’t converting well enough because of poor user experience, nonprofits struggling with data capture, lack of good digital marketing skills, and still having costly admin teams processing tasks manually, which altogether keeps precious resources away from their good causes.

Current nonprofit platforms aren’t helping this situation either. These platforms can’t be moulded to flex to a nonprofit’s individual needs and you’re stuck with the shape of the platform they give you. Because of this, nonprofits are now attempting to use their web developers to build these systems from scratch, but they’re reinventing the wheel in a costly way to try and get the functionality they need because successful donations and other nonprofit systems are far more than simple payments and data flows.

With Everfund, it’s the first time web devs can build powerful donation, marketing and operations systems for nonprofits without building from scratch or using nonprofit platforms that can’t be moulded to their individual needs.

Everfund is building a headless SDK and low-code tools to allow you to have all the components to make successful donation, marketing and operations systems in the shape the nonprofit needs it with less time and effort, and then the nonprofit gets a non-technical dashboard filled with ready-to-go tools that work for them to make them go even further.

Our goal is to give control back to the developer to make technology work in the way nonprofits need it so they can capture more donations and data, grow better supporter relationships, and most importantly, allow them to focus more on their good causes.

Two Co-founders building the future of nonprofit tech

From two graduates taking on their first startup together, through two failures, an agency building web experiences for businesses including nonprofits, to building Everfund with pivots along the way, my Co-founder, Will De Ath, and I know Everfund is now a defining moment for us as founders.

We’ve built Everfund from the ground up with a hilariously small amount of resources up until today, but what we’ve managed to achieve up until now is a turning point for nonprofits to finally bring them forward. From legacy technologies to empowering the developer with a new ecosystem of tools that enables them to push the boundaries of what’s possible and help them grow and adapt faster.

Everfund is important because 9% of professional web developers work with nonprofits, yet where is the tools that help them be more productive in creating systems with the specific business logic that nonprofits need to help them adapt to the mass amount of digitisation which has greatly stressed their industry.

We’re the missing component of the decoupled and modern web for nonprofits, and we’re changing how developers enable nonprofits.

Shortly we’ll be opening our first institutional round to help hire a team to build faster, get to market, and help modern nonprofits adapt and thrive for the future of social impact on the Jamstack and beyond!

Thank you to our ealry access pilots, both nonprofits and developers alike, to our investors, believers, advisors and other founders who've helped us on our journey.

Here's to bringing developers together to build with Everfund to solve the challenges of nonprofits today and give nonprofits every chance to put the most into their causes for tomorrow.