Data & Dashboard

Powerful dashboard to run more data-led fundraising operations at any scale

Donation campaign & portal tracking

Monitor the performance of your donation campaigns and channel activity with real-time tracking.

Automatic donation coding

Streamline your donation processing with automated coding for accurate and efficient allocation of funds.

Campaign insights

Know where to focus your efforts with valuable insights into campaign performance with data analytics that help you optimize your fundraising strategies.

Donation reports

Access detailed reports on your donations to feed into your CRM and understand trends, donor segments, and campaign performance.

Transaction reports

Review transaction reports to track donations, and reconcile for financial reports and allocate funds correctly.

Marketing consent reports

Stay compliant and keep records of donor marketing consents and turn newer donors into long term supporters.

Campaign reports

Measure success and make data-driven decisions with campaign reports.

Channel reports

View the effectiveness of each donation channel with detailed reports to optimize your fundraising strategies.

Gift Aid reports

Keep track of Gift Aid contributions and reclaim with reports to maximizing your fundraising efforts.

Payout reports

Monitor and reconcile payout cycles with detailed financial reports to ensure transparency and accountability.

Manage groups

Coordinate your organization's groups and manage permissions for your team members and volunteers for a streamlined operation.

Manage other organizations

Oversee the organizations in your wider charity under one roof and sync efforts for unified fundraising efforts.

Acess control

Protect donor data and maintain integrity with advanced access control systems to restrict access levels for your users.

Set campaign standards

Set clear guidelines and benchmarks for your campaigns to maintain consistency with your brand, assets and message.

Set brand and messaging

Ensure cohesive branding and clear messaging across all your organization's campaigns to resonate with donors and strengthen your identity.

Test mode

Experiment with new fundraising ideas and test campaigns in a secure environment before going live to ensure success.

Make the move to modern donations

Nonprofits of all sizes rely on Everfund to maximise their donor engagement and reach their income potential.