Multichannel fundraising at scale

Fundraise wherever your donors are and know exactly where to focus efforts

  • Target any donor segment or channel

  • Create portals for any campaign at scale

  • Gain concrete visability of your efforts

  • Experiment with A/B tests


Take rapid action on donation campaigns

Go from fundraising plan to fundraising success, faster!


Make donor journeys more contextual

Rapidly create unique donation portals for any segment or channel.


Fundraising efforts tracked and segmented

Gain concrete visibility of efforts with segmentation

endlessly customisable, for any situation

Create tailored donation portals for each of your campaigns, channels and donors.

  • Website embeddable donation forms

  • Social media donation links

  • Email donation links

  • QR codes & more


Make the move to modern donations

Nonprofits of all sizes rely on Everfund to maximise their donor engagement and reach their income potential.