Donation Channels

Engage and connect with more donors with dedicated donation links for any digital channel

Social media

Create unique donation portals for each social media platform to engage with donors directly and increase visibility of your social fundraising strategy.

Email campaigns

Strengthen exisiting supporter relationships with tailored donation portals that deliver impactful messages for your regular giving and urgent appeals.

QR codes

Use QR codes for in-person events and fundraisers to connect donors to dedicated donation portals that make quick and trackable digitial donations.

Website integration

Integrate donation portals on your website pages for general giving or appeals to better segment website visitor's donations.

Shareable donation links

Use shareable donation link landing pages to direct donors to your donation portals no matter where they engage with you.

Event donations

Use donation links and QR codes to create tailored donation portals for each event you run to better attribute your event fundraising efforts.

Content-based donations

Embed donation portals and links in your content from blogs, articles, and through the support you give to never miss a donation opportunity.

Corporate partner-led donations

Leverage partnerships with businesses to expand your reach through co-branded donation portals.

Display adverts

Utilize targeted display ads on various digital platforms to promote tailored donation portals for each one of your appeal and campaign ads.

Social media ads

Use tailored donation protals on your social media ads to amplify your fundraising campaigns to engage targeted donor segments and drive donations.

Search engine ads

Increase visibility and attract new donors by placing strategic ads on search engines, directly connecting new donors to dedicated donation portals.

Custom channels

Develop and utilize custom digital channels tailored specifically to your fundraising needs, enhancing donor engagement and contributions.

Experimental channels

Explore innovative channels for fundraising to discover effective ways to engage donors with your results tracked through creating donation portals for each experiment.

Net-new donors engagement

Focus on strategies to attract and engage first-time donors, expanding your donor base and fostering long-term relationships with donation portals tailored to this segment.

Existing donor segments

Utilize data-driven insights to create tailored donation portals effectively engage and reactivate existing donor segments, maximizing repeat contributions and loyalty.

Make the move to modern donations

Nonprofits of all sizes rely on Everfund to maximise their donor engagement and reach their income potential.