Smart Campaigns

Smart campaigns that drive your focus to segments and channels that convert.


Tailor effective donation campaigns with tools that help you plan, execute, and monitor your strategies to maximize donor engagement and group efforts for segmentation and insights.


Utilize ready-made templates for your fundraising campaigns, making it easy to launch targeted appeals that resonate with your audience. out about everfund's integrations

Advanced segmentation

Improve campaign performance with advanced segmentation tools that create tailored campaigns, channels and donation portals to track efforts and tailor messaging and outreach to specific donor groups.

High-spec donation portals

Offer modern donors seamless and secure donation experiences with high-spec donation portals that enhance usability and trust.

Donation goals

Set donation goals on your donation portals to motivate donors and clearly show how their donation can help your charity.

Donation barometer

Publically visualize your fundraising progress to donors with a donation barometer, giving donors a real-time view of how their donations help reach your targets.

Campaign descriptions

Craft compelling and detailed descriptions for your campaigns, clearly communicating the purpose and impact to potential donors all in context to your channels and donor segments.

Run 1000's of campaigns at once

Manage and execute thousands of donation campaigns simultaneously with powerful tools that ensure efficiency and scalability with your fundraising strategy.

Optional white labeling

Remove Everfund's branding with optional white labeling, allowing you to present a seamless look that aligns with your brand identity.

Website integration

Seamlessly integrate the donation portals into your website, enhancing the user experience of general giving or campaign pages without disrupting your site’s design and flow.

Website donation button

Integrate prominent donation buttons on your website for your different campaigns, making it easy for visitors to contribute with just a few clicks on relevant pages.

Unlimited website intalls

Enjoy the flexibility of unlimited installations of Everfund's donation portals across multiple websites and pages, expanding your fundraising reach and never missing an opportunity.

Developer first website integration

Provide your web developers with robust tools and documentation for first-class integration your donation portals in your websites and pages.

Mobile optimised

Ensure that your donation portals are optimized for mobile devices and modern donors and offer a smooth and responsive experience for donors on mobile devices.

Donation links

Generate and manage secure, trackable donation links that can be shared via email, social media, and anywhere else you engage the modern donor.

Custom donation link domain names

Bring your own website domains to personalize your donation links to enhance your brand awareness, visibility and donor trust with your donation campaigns.

Donation campaign & portal tracking

Monitor and analyze the performance of your donation campaigns and portals with advanced tracking tools to optimize your fundraising strategies and focus energy on what's working best.

Automatic donation coding

Automate coding and categorization of donations to help attribute efforts, streamline your financial processes and ensure accurate reporting.

Campaign insights

Gain deep insights into campaign performance with detailed dashboard views and reports that help you understand donor behaviors, what channels convert, and refine future fundraising strategies.

Make the move to modern donations

Nonprofits of all sizes rely on Everfund to maximise their donor engagement and reach their income potential.