Donation Finance

Reduce financial workflows with automations and tools that scale to your organization

Multiple bank accounts

Manage and route your donations across multiple bank accounts, even if held by your groups or your charity's other organizations, ensuring efficient fund allocation.

Automatic donation coding

Streamline your donation processing with automated systems that categorize and code donations for precise financial tracking for campaigns, groups and your various organizations.

Multi-organization support

Get robust financial management tools under a single platform to support your wider organizations, facilitating centralized control.

Group & branch support

Segment financial management between the different groups or branches within your organization to ensure localized financial needs are met.

Restrictive funds

Route donations to specific restricted funds to automate tasks and ensure they are used only for their intended projects.

Custom payout schedules

Customize payout schedules to meet your organization's needs to improve your cash flow management and get funds when they're needed most.

Fast payout option

Get faster payout options to recieve funds, by as short as 1 business day, and ensure your cause gets the money it needs in urgent times more swiftly.

Automatic currency conversion

Automatically convert donations into your preferred currency to simplify accounting and ensuring financial accuracy.


Provide a straightforward and reliable refund process to maintain donor trust and ensure compliance with financial regulations.

Payout reports

Generate detailed reports on payouts for each of your scheduled payouts to efficiently track and manage the distribution of funds.

One-off donation reports

Generate comprehensive reports on one-off donations to analyze trends, donor behavior, and campaign performance for any of your channels, campaigns, organizations or groups.

Recurring donation reports

Keep tabs on recurring donations with reports that help monitor long-term engagement and financial flow for any of your channels, campaigns, organizations or groups.

Gift Aid reports

Efficiently track and manage Gift Aid claims with reports that reflect HMRC's requirements, update declaration status with the dashboard, and help you trace Gift Aid funds back to the groups or organizations that collected it.

Campaign reports

Evaluate the effectiveness of your fundraising campaigns with detailed insights and performance metrics to help aid your future finance planning and fundraising strategy development.

Channel reports

Gain in-depth insights with detailed reports on each of your donation channels to help you understand where your engagement strategies are most effective and where improvements are needed.

Make the move to modern donations

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