Multichannel Donations

Create smart campaigns and target any segment to take rapid action on your fundraising plans.

Power your digital donation efforts with smart campaigns for any donor segment and channels you fundraise through. Maximise supporter recruitment and know exactly where to focus your fundraising plans.

multi channel donations

Increase donor connection with donation portals made for each engagement channel

Tailored donation experiences for any scenario in your fundraising.

Website channel

Gain concrete visibility of efforts with segmentation

Automatic segmentation for your campaigns and channels.

Donation portals

Give your donors the best experience, anywhere you fundraise

Modern donation portals that adapt to any engagement channel.

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Convert website donations

Integrate with developer control.

Fundraising insights

Focus your fundraising on donors and channels that convert the best

Learn from segmented campaigns and convert more income.


Fundraise at any scale, from single teams to complex organizations.

Everfund supports your efforts at scale, whether you have large volumes of donations & campaigns, 100's of groups and branches to support, or need to secure your organization with enterprise grade access control and security features.


Everfund's recent blogs, posts & insights

Read insights from Everfund's team about modern fundraising practises, the technology driving it, and find out what's new with our platform.

Make the move to modern donations

Nonprofits of all sizes rely on Everfund to maximise their donor engagement and reach their income potential.

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